General Understanding of Audit, Objectives, Types and Audit Standards

Table of contents Actually, what is an audit? Definition of Audit is the activity of collecting and examining evidence related to information to determine and make a report about the level of conformity between information and the criteria specified. Generally checks or audits are carried out on financial statements, various accounting records, and supporting evidence […]

Time Management: Definition, Benefits, And Functions and Objectives

Table of contents What is meant by time management? Definition of general time management is a planning, organizing, mobilizing, and monitoring, on the productivity of time. Time is one of the resources that must be managed properly so that individuals or organizations can achieve goals effectively and efficiently. The definition of time management can also […]

Definition of Logistics, Objectives, Benefits, and Logistics Activities

Table of contents What is logistics? In general, the notion of Logistics is a science or art in carrying out the process of storage, distribution and maintenance, and the elimination of various items or certain tools. There is also a mention that the notion of logistics is a series of processes that include activities of […]

Marketing Management: Definition, Concepts, Functions, and Objectives

Table of contents What is marketing management? Definition of Marketing Management is a series of processes of analysis, planning, implementation, and supervision and control of a marketing activity where the goal is to achieve the target company effectively and efficiently. Can also be interpreted as a tool for analysis, planning, implementation and control of a […]

Definition of Planning, Functions, Objectives, and Types of Planning

Table of contents What is meant by planning? In general, the notion of planning is a process of determining the things to be achieved (goals) in the future and determining the various stages needed to achieve these goals. Understanding planning (planning) can also be defined as a coordinated activity to achieve certain goals in a […]

Education Management: Definition, Scope, Function, and Purpose

Table of contents What is education management? Definition of Management Education in general is a process of planning, drafting, implementing, and supervising, in managing all resources in the form of human, money, material, methods, machinery, markets, time, and information, to achieve goals effectively and efficiently in the field education. Management of education in a business […]

Definition of Statistics: Objectives, Functions, and Types of Statistics

Table of contents Actually, what are statistics? Definition of Statistics is a data collection in the form of numbers and arranged in the form of diagrams and / or tables where the contents explain about a particular problem. Statistical meaning is a set of methods and rules regarding the collection, analysis, processing, and interpretation of […]

Operational Management: Definition, Function, and Scope

Table of contents What is operational management? Definition of Operational Management in general is a maximum management effort in the use of various production factors, from human resources, machinery, tools, raw materials, and other production factors in the process of turning them into various products goods or services. Operational Management becomes an important thing in […]

Management Information System: Definition, Function, Purpose, Benefits, and Examples

Table of contents What is meant by a management information system? Definition of Management Information Systems is a system of planning within a company that involves internal control such as the use of resources, documents, technology, and management accounting as one of the strategies in the business. In essence, management information systems in a business […]

Understanding Efficiency: Objectives, Benefits, Terms and Examples of Efficiency

Table of contents What is efficiency? In general, the notion of efficiency is a measure of the success of an activity that is assessed based on the amount of costs / resources used to achieve the desired results. In this case, the fewer resources used to achieve the expected results, the process can be said […]